Havel Forever, Wenceslas Square, Prague, October 12, 2014

Dialogue Tomas Sedlacek and Joseph Vogl | Myths and Economy


Hidden Moralism in Economic Models

Les Rencontres économiques d'Aix-en-Provence, 2014

Good and evil, Financial Times 2014

Václav Havel European Dialogues, Prague Conference 2014

Slot Art Festival 2012

Backlight Talks: Tomás Sedlácek

L'économie du bien et du mal de Tomas Sedlacek - interview

L'économie du bien et du mal" de Tomas Sedlacek - la croissance

IIEA - The Economy as a Manic Depressed Body

National Economic Council, Prague

Tomáš Sedlá?ek at ZURICH.MINDS -- The Economics of Good and Evil

Tomas at the Royal Society of Arts in London during his UK tour this spring

Video trailer about The 3rd Beer Magic, which introduces Tomas in a very special way

TEDxThessaloniki - Tomas Sedlacek - How to treat our manic depressive economy

Economics & Zombies: Carnegie Council on Ethics & International Affairs in New York

Conversation with Oliver Tanzer - 15. GLOBART ACADEMY - 27. - 30. September 2012

15. GLOBART ACADEMY - 27. - 30. September 2012

Tomas from Davos in an interview by German TV 3sat

Lessons from history: Tomas brings his book to Poland – video in English

Me Judice - Tomas Sedlacek over ethiek en economie - Netherlands

Tomas on the World Economic Forum, document by Swiss TV channel SF

One-hour interview in the leading Swiss TV talkshow