"Economics is ultimately about good and evil"

In May 2009 he published a book on philosophy, ethics and history of economic thought named "Economics of Good and Evil - the quest for economic meaning from the Epic of Gilgamesh to Wall Street". This book quickly became an unexpected national bestseller and was translated into 21 languages. The book was awarded by the “Deutscher Wirtschaftsbuchpreis”, the International Book Fair in Frankfurt and also by the National Bank of Poland. The leading German business daily Handelsblatt ranked "Economics of Good and Evil" among the 100 most important books of all time.

It was followed by series of conversation with prominent economists. The first one “Dusk homo economicus“ was released in 2012, together with David Orrell and Roman Chlupaty. "(R)evolutionary Economy: Of systems and men" with David Graeber was published in 2013 in Czech Republic.

In 2014 he also contributed in "Oxford Handbook on Professional Ethics for Economists", together with George DeMartino and Deirdre McCloskey among others, published by Oxford University Press. The next one that will be published this year as well, "Manifesto BOZAR X" took 10 years of work collection supported by the European Comission, and explains what the Centre for Fine Arts is, which institutions and cultural projects stands for today, and how it would like to develop in the future.


Beautifully written ... for the first two-thirds I could not put it down or turn my mind to anything else ... a compulsive read.”

Samuel BrittanFinancial Times

“Takes mainstream economics as his clay, digging both his arms in up to the elbows in an attempt to explain the beliefs and ethical values underlying modern economics.”

The New York Times

“The Washington Post selected the Economics of Good and Evil among the top 5 economic books "for summer and beyond" in 2011.”

The Washington Post